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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Comparative Law and the Quest for Optimal Rules on the Transfer of Movables for Europe

The drafters of Book VIII Draft Common Frame of Reference (DCFR) have devoted an impressive amount of time and energy in collecting and publishing comparative data with regard to the existing property law within all Member States of the European Union, and in particular with regard to the subject matter of that Book: acquisition and loss of ownership of movables. This in itself suggests that comparative research played an important role in the drafting process, and this impression is enhanced by the abundance of comparative references and notes in the official Comments to Book VIII. However, the fact that the drafters made an extensive study of the relevant property law of every European legal system does not imply per se that the outcome of their comparative research was taken as guiding in the establishment of the DCFR rules.

In order to gain a better insight into the character of the rules of Book VIII, this contribution seeks to answer the question whether comparative arguments really weighed heavily in the drafting of Book VIII: is the ‘comparative activism’ of its drafters a manifestation of a determination that common or even majority solutions should be the basis of the model rules to be proposed, or did the drafters feel free to propose novel rules even if these were contrary to what applies in most European countries, according to the comparative data they collected and presented themselves? ...

Salomons, Arthur F., Comparative Law and the Quest for Optimal Rules on the Transfer of Movables for Europe (June 8, 2012). Amsterdam Law School Research Paper No. 2012-72; Centre for the Study of European Contract Law Working Paper Series No. 2012-09; European property Law Journal 2012(3), (forthcoming).